A Complete Array of SVGs, PNGs, and Cutting Files for Craftworks

The long search for crafters' dilemma when it comes to digital designs finally comes to an end! 


Yes! You read it right. Those days of searching all over the web on digital designs and instant download files in completing the craftwork or any projects are over. Say goodbye to that crumping habit of looking unto digital artworks and make a big wave to CconceptLab

CconceptLab got all crafters’ needs in any design they wanted to craft on. It has a complete array of SVGs, PNGs, and cuttings files for craftworks. All digital designs come in complete file set making sure that it is compatible with any craft software and cutting machines you are working.


Here are the lists of cutting files that CconceptLab is offering the public.


The SVG File


The SVG file is the most common and in-demand cutting file nowadays. SVG is not just an easy-to-use file, but it associates with many software and printers such as Cricut, Design Space, Cameo, and the like.
A design on an SVG file comes in layers that would surely enjoy the crafters to work on since they most likely love to mix and match the design with thousands of patterned vinyl and HTVs. Commonly, the layering of an SVG file is by color, making it pleasurable when doing craftworks. You may opt to change some layers on the SVG design to another patterned vinyl to make it look creative and unique.
In CconceptLab, worry less about SVG files. All digital designs come with a layered SVG file per color for any easy and creative crafting work.


The PNG File


Ever wonder about those a bunch of colorful designs that can be hard to craft? As it might come with multiple sets of layers that are difficult to manage. Then, the PNG file is the solution to such a scenario.
Those creative and beautiful digital artworks easy to craft when using the PNG file. It comes with a transparent background making an emphasis on the craft design and eliminate workloads. PNG is the easiest file to work with amazing results. It works best on sublimation crafts, direct to films, direct to garments, and on any direct to transfer works and alike.
All the designs in CconceptLab come in a PNG file version ready for any sublimation works and direct to transfer prints, which recently is the new craft trend. 


The DXF File


A file compatibility issue on other craft programs and software exists that either an SVG or PNG file will not work. We had known that concern, and in CconceptLab, the instant download cutting files comes with a DXF file. All digital designs are provided with a complete array of SVGs, PNGs, and cutting files for craftworks.
The DXF file works best on Silhouette Studio, Cameo, and other crafts software that does not support SVG or PNG. DXF files also work with some engineering programs like Auto Cad. DXF is a one-of-a-kind file, and some digital designs do not give out this option as part of their instant download. Not to CconceptLab, hence we have known the scenario, and we are making the most convenient way for crafters to do their work smoothly and enjoyably.
We aim not to worry crafters about digital designs to help them focus back on their craftwork.



Other Cutting Files

Oh! We aim to provide crafters with compatible files to work on their craftwork. And there are tons of craft software and programs in the world. So, each digital artwork does not only come in SVG, PNG, and DXF files and with the rest of the cutting files that you might need with your system. How it works with the files is very easy and self-manageable.
Other cuttings files include vector, AI, EPS, and JPEG. These files are perfect to work with any craft and designing software such as Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop. Use the vector files in scaling the design from a small to a big full sublimation vinyl size. The AI file works when there is a need to edit and add a creative illustration or a personal touch to the digital design. 
Every cutting file you need to finish your craftworks are all in CconceptLab. We make sure all digital download has a complete array of SVGs, PNGs, and cutting files for craftworks.