CconceptLab - Marketplace for stocked digital designs, graphic illustration and original fonts


  • What type of files included in each digital art product?

Each digital art product comes with a complete set of files: SVG, PNG, JPEG, EPS, and AI files. Font products are on the TTF file.

  • How does Bundle Design Work?

A bundle design comes with multiple sets of individual digital art products stated on the product information. Each design in the bundle comes with a complete file set. It works the same as a single digital art product but comes with discounts.

  • How to download and extract a zipped file?

After downloading your purchased designs, files come in a zipped folder. To extract a zipped file through IOS, just double click then it will auto-extract the files inside the folder. For Windows, right-click and choose “extract here” then files will show up as well. Files inside the zipped folder are SVG, PNG, DXF, JPEG, EPS, and AI files compatible with any cutting machines and software. Just choose the correct file.

  • How to install font?

After downloading your purchased fonts, the file comes in a TTF file. To install the font through IOS, double click, then it will auto-install on your font book, while for Windows, still double click the file, then on the pop-up message, choose “install font”.

  • How to edit the existing digital art design?

All digital art products are fixed, with no custom edits. For one colored design, all layers merged into one, and for multiple colored designs, layers are per color. You can edit the digital art product on your own on any editing app software that you work comfortably with for as long as the software supports the files.

  • Do you do custom designs?

We do not do custom designs; all design concepts on the marketplace are our current available digital art product. We published new digital art designs daily.

  • What to do when I get download error issues?

Download errors are often to encounter due to system glitches on either parties’ ends. You can message us through our “Contact Us” page to give you support on the concern. Rest assured the support team with keep in touch with you within the day.

  • How do I report broken or missing files?

We triple-check every digital art product listing before launching the design. For any instances that you downloaded or received a broken, missing, or wrong file, message us on our “Contact Us” page. The support team will guide you for the reported concern within the day.

  • Do you issue a refund?

The files of digital art products such are graphic content, original illustrations, bundle designs, fonts, and alike are with instant download features. After purchasing, automatically, you will receive the files. By that nature, our products are not refundable 100% for any reason at all caused.