CconceptLab: Crafters’ One-Stop Digital Design Platform

CconceptLab - Crafters One-Stop Digital Design Platform


Crafting had been very trendy nowadays and had evolved from doing it as a hobby or stress reliever to a new line of business all over the state. It impacted hugely from being a full-time mom to a part-time entrepreneur while doing the things you loved the most, arts!

From that point to today’s trend, crafting had lead thousands of independent women or even men at some point to enjoy art and earn huge from it. Art is expensive, and your idea of shaping, molding, and crafting a unique product out of it is priceless. Not all were gifted with creativity and can conceptualize a nice-looking product to sell out in the market, leading to the beginnings of CconceptLab. 

CconceptLab had known the solution for all crafters’ problems and worries – digital design platform, we’ll worry no more and count on us!


The Beginnings 

We begin digital artworks for decades and flourish to adopt today’s trend through instant downloads had answered crafter’s common difficulties. Our passion for arts draws deeply on every stroke of lines in our artworks that solidify the entire design, enriched with our soul and love.

We started out doing a little artwork that evolved us to draw and illustrate more to suffice the needs and demands. Not only to bring a personalized item but to bring art to the world as well. We value every digital artwork that comes with complete files compatible with all types of craft machines and software. We note not to add headaches to crafters, so we had everything in place, a one-stop digital design platform – CconceptLab.


The Varieties 

A conceptualize process in every artwork is the key to create a one of a kind and unique illustration art. We conceptualize every illustration to stand out from the design and its purpose, serving aesthetic and function. 

A variety of digital designs and artworks are in the section for easy search on the CconceptLab site. Categories are Mom and Dad, Outdoor, Work and Hobbies, Weed and Rasta, Animal, Skulls, Cliparts, and more. A complete variety of artworks and original Fonts for lifestyle, branding, writing, and other purposes may serve.

The selection process has sorted out neatly organized according to subject and purpose for easy looking and searching purposes bringing back the attention to art rather than searching. 

Such a complete variety of instant download digital designs yet easy selection!


Complete digital designs art categories in CconceptLab


The Process 

The SVG file is a big part of crafters, and we acknowledge such demand. In CconceptLab, we value crafters looking for SVG, PNG, DXF, and other cutting files. All digital designs come with a complete set of files compatible with all craft machines and software, so the design file is never a concern when purchasing with us. We ensure a complete set of cutting files for all instant downloads to serve not just one software but to most programs allied to all crafters. Other files that include in each digital design are JPEG, EPS, and AI.

We bring back the art process, as we assure our designs are 100% original and handmade illustrated by our team. We encourage you to know more about the digital design platform of CconceptLab, to bridge the art spark.


The Result 

We concept; we do the design, and we serve instant downloads. Our efforts in providing a marketplace of digital artworks and cutting files together with your creative hands in crafting the artwork to any product would result in a bang!

Your craft idea combined with our design will produce a unique and personalized product that will surely hit the market of your targeted audience and the rest of the netizen. It would profit us both while we’re doing passionately the things we love and bringing back the center of work to the arts.

Art had bridged the gap between digital designers and crafters. Not all crafters can do artwork, and not all graphic illustrators can do crafts. But with a working hand to provide a unique and creative product to the world, we serve both purposes for everyone – aesthetic and function.